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IEC 60320-1 Couplers
Outlet (Female) Plug (Male) Drawing Pin spacing,
centres (mm)
Earth contact Appliance class Rewiring
Max. current
Max. pin temp.
Remarks and example uses
C1 C2 IEC 60320 C1.svg 6.6 No II No 0.2 70 Not polarized. Electric shaver.
C3 C4 10 No II 2.5 70 Polarized, similar plug to C5/C6 but with a key ridge instead of an earthing conductor, withdrawn from standard.[7]
C5 C6 IEC 60320 C5.svg 10 Yes I No 2.5 70 Apple iMac, many small switched-mode power supplies used for laptops.
C7 C8 IEC 60320 C7.svg

IEC 60320 C7P Polarised.png
8.6 No II No 2.5 70 Domestic Audio, video, radio equipment and double insulated power supplies. The (more common) Symmetrical version is not polarized. Polarised version with squared (live) side C7P, C8P. C8 inlet is 10 mm deep, C8A and C8B inlets are 15.5 mm deep.
C9 C10 IEC 60320 C9.svg 10 No II No 6 70 Not polarized. This kind of coupler is used by Roland Corporation for a couple of synthesizer and drum computer models (for example: TR-909) and by Revox for many older models of their HiFi equipment (for example, A76, A77, A78, B77, B225).
C11 C12 10 No II 10 70 Polarized, similar to C9 with a slot in the plug, withdrawn from standard.[7]
C13 C14 IEC 60320 C13.svg 14 Yes I Yes 10/15 70 Very common on personal computers and peripherals.
C15 C16 IEC 60320 C15.svg 14 Yes I Yes 10/15 120 For appliances that get hot (for example, electric Kettle).
C15A C16A 14 Yes I Yes 10/15 155 For appliances that get very hot; on the inlet, the chamfers are narrower to exclude the lower-rated connectors.
C17 C18 IEC 60320 C17.svg 14 No II No 10/15 70 Xbox 360, some vacuum cleaners and a few models of CPAP machines.
C19 C20 IEC 60320 C19.svg 13 Yes I Yes 16/20 70 Common on Enterprise-class servers and datacenter rack-mounted power distibution units, Late 2005 PowerMac G5, Cisco 6500 Series Power Supplies, Cisco UCS 5108 Chassis, Nexus 7000 Series Core Router Power Supplies.
C21 C22 IEC 60320 C21.svg 13 Yes I Yes 16/20 155
C23 C24 IEC 60320 C23.svg 13 No II No 16/20 70